I have been self-employed for the last 5 years, before that I worked for several employers, now approaching 60 years old, I realised I hadn’t been focusing on preparing for my golden years as they say. I was neglecting my super it was everywhere and had money sitting in savings not working for me. It has all changed now, I feel confident and secure. Zenith has even made it possible for me to help my daughter and her husband to buy their first home.

James Skew

I have always had trouble saving money, I know I earn a decent income, before coming to meet with the team at Zenith, it seemed like I was always playing catch up – working overtime, picking up extra shifts. But now everything is balanced, I have actually booked my first holiday in 4 years and I have savings. Thank you Zenith Wealth Management!!!

Sally Lucas

We went to meet with Peter, never really having any experience with Financial planners before, a bit hesitant and unsure of what to do with starting to build finances up. Peter made everything so straightforward, 6 months on we are now purchasing our first investment property, our super is growing every month and wish we had done this sooner. read more

Tim & Susanne Granger