If you are thinking about getting financial advice in your 40s, you will no doubt feel that life has become more complicated.

Financial responsibilities have increased and it’s seemingly impossible to look beyond the here and now. The credit trap is easy to fall into and the rat race makes it hard to see the forest for the trees. Who is ensuring you are making optimal financial decisions for the present and the future?

Life can be unpredictable and so it’s important to have a plan in place for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise, such as changes in employment, changes in family circumstances or health issues.

As your income grows, tax minimisation is increasingly important as is managing your superannuation carefully to adequately provide for your future. This stage of life usually involves raising and educating a family and buying a home. Income and family protection is critical to ensure against unforeseen circumstances.


Do you have a back-up plan in place in case you lose your job? Being made redundant is not something that you think about happening, and it can come at the worst and least expected times.

Consulting with Zenith Wealth Management when you are employed means you can plan in advance in case you are made redundant. If you have already been made redundant, you can receive financial advice on how to deal with the loss of income and still meet your financial requirements.

How we can help

High levels of debt

Budgeting, refinancing and saving strategies

Tax Minimization

Superannuation planning

Changes in employment


Planning for the future

Investment and wealth creation

Providing for your parents or children

Estate Planning

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